Energrid Power Bank

Energrid Power Bank

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Energrid Power Bank

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The Energrid Power Bank is specially designed for the blind and partially sighted and provides power on the go.  Charge an array of devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android smartphones and tablets, Bluetooth headsets, MP3 players and more. 
- Sound or vibration indicates remaining battery, successful connection between USB output and digital device, successful connection between micro-USB input and power source for charging the power bank 
- 2 double power outputs to charge two digital devices simultaneously
- High Lithium-polymer battery capacity of 15,000 mAh @3.7V: enough power to charge an iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy S7 up to 3 times
- USB output ports are reversible alleviating the need for proper orientation 
- Easily switch between sound and vibration modes with the touch of a button
- Tactile marks provide easy accessibility 
- 12-inch (30.5-centimetre) micro-USB charging cable included 
- One-year warranty
- 10.4 ounces (295 grams)
- Measures 5-3/4 inches by 2-3/4 inches by ¾ inches (14.5 centimetres by 7 centimetres by 2 centimetres)

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