Accessibility Tips and Tricks

This page is intended to act as a resource for visitors to Shop CNIB’s online store who are using assistive devices. There are two different sections of content present on this page: accessibility tips and documented issues. The accessibility tips section provides useful hints for navigating the site, as well as information about this site’s accessibility features. The documented issues section details temporary accessibility issues that may be encountered while navigating the site, which our web developers are actively working to correct. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Accessibility tips

  • All product titles within the site are Heading Level 3, and can be used quickly to navigate between products.
  • A “Skip to Content” link is used throughout the site, which allows you to bypass the global navigation located at the top of the page.
  • A quick navigation menu is located under the “Product Categories” Heading Level 2.
  • All category pages and search results display the number of products contained within that category or search.
  • The font on any page can be made bigger or smaller by using CTRL +/-.
  • In the header of the website, there is a cart link that displays the total number of items in your cart, as well as the cart subtotal.
  • Use the “Change Contrast” link to access the high contrast version of the website.

Documented issues

  • When attempting to comment on a product, selecting the “Add Comment” link will refresh the page and move your focus to the top of the page.
  • Selecting the “Ship to Billing Address” link will refresh the page and move your focus to the top of the page.
  • Updating the quantity of an item in your cart will cause the page to refresh and will move your focus back to the quantity field.
  • The “Add to Cart” button alert that says “Item Added to Cart” may be seen multiple times when in fact only one item has been added to the cart. Please double check the quantity of items in your cart prior to checkout.
  • After adding an item to the shopping cart, the “Add to Cart” button alert may read “Alert” when using earlier versions of Internet Explorer, rather than “Alert: Item Added to Cart”.
  • When using earlier versions of Internet Explorer, JAWS may not refresh correctly when changing quantities in the cart.  You must press Insert + Escape to refresh the JAWS virtual cursor after making changes to the quantity values.