OrCam MyEye 1.5 Assistive Eyewear SP

OrCam MyEye 1.5 Assistive Eyewear SP

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OrCam MyEye 1.5 Assistive Eyewear SP

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Read newspapers, books, computer screens, restaurant menus and store signage from 5 feet (1.5 metres) away. The Orcam MyEye is a unique wearable device that sits on the side of your glasses and provides text-to-speech discreetly in your right ear. The smart camera is hardwired to a computerized battery base about the size of a smartphone.Trigger the device with a finger point gesture, trigger button or tap the case to capture an image and translate it to synthesized speech.
- Program MyEye to recognize up to 100 faces and 150 of your favourite products including credit cards and currency notes
- Camera mounts onto right arm of a pair of glasses including most wire frames (glasses not included)
- Processor includes audio jack, charging port and 3 buttons (Power, Volume Up/Down, Trigger)
- Does not connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
- Rechargeable battery lasts for 3 hours of continuous use and 8 hours of regular use
- Two-year warranty
- Processor weighs 5.5 ounces and measures 5.5 inches by 2.25 inches by 0.8 inches (14 centimetres by 6 centimetres by 2 centimetres)
- Colour: Black 
- English only
For more information about this device and an assessment, please complete the online form and mention "OrCam" in the Comment section.  You can also call us at 1-866-659-1843.  We will contact you, provide a demonstration and assess whether this product is suitable for your individual needs.  Note that two hours of training with an Orcam Certified Trainer is included in the purchase price. 

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